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Wild Game Processing

Welcome Hunters!!!
Yes, we process Deer, Elk and Wild Hogs!

Get your Deer, Elk and Wild Hogs processed by professionals that have over 40 years experience in processing and take pride in providing top of the line service. You can be assured that your Deer, Elk and Wild Hogs is in good hands with us. We always process with the same high standards that we have for the retail meat.

Most importantly, we guarantee that the Deer, Elk and/or Wild Hog you bring to us will be the same Deer, Elk and/or Wild Hog you get back.  We only process one at a time. Give us a chance to earn your business. You’ll be glad you did.

Roger's Meat Market Deer Processing, Wild Game Processing


Because we are a retail establishment we have to follow certain guidelines to be able to process your deer.  These regulations include:

  1. Proper Field Dressing is important to the quality of your meat.
  2. The Deer, Elk and/or Wild Hog must be gutted and skinned.
  3. The Deer, Elk and/or Wild Hog must be in a closed, non-leaking cooler.
  4. The Deer, Elk and/or Wild Hog must be properly iced in your cooler to be dropped off.
  5. When you come in we will need to fill out a processing form which includes your contact information and confirmation number.
  6. We will try to get you everything you want but the amount is dependent on the size and condition of your Deer, Elk and/or Wild Hog. We can not fully process parts that have buckshot or broken bone fragments in them .
  7. Due to limited space you are to pick up your Deer, Elk and/or Wild Hog after notification as soon as possible.
  8. Final Payment is due upon pick up.


  • High Standard Processing
  • Fast Turn-a-round time
  • Great Service
  • We only process one at a time
  • The same Deer, Elk, or Wild Hog you bring in will be the same one you get back
Roger's Meat Market Wild Boar Processing
At Roger’s Meat Market, we make the Best Deer or Elk Jerky around. Or we can make you some incredible Hot Links or Summer Sausages with your Deer or Elk Meat.

Click on Flyer to download in PDF

Call for availability regarding hams, turkeys, ribs, and other meats that you would like smoked. You are welcome to bring your own meat or buy from us.

Smoking fee: $2 per pound

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